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The Tormenting!

(A bit long, but will set the mood quite nicely...)
In 1968 a normal local hospital was shut down, and over the years, has become vulnerable to the graffiti artists that have covered the walls in paint. These graffiti artists however, have been slowly disappearing, only to be found days later dead, covered in blood and usually skinned. Police have blamed these deaths on local gangs, but without any evidence this didn't allow them to act on it. The death toll has been rising, all the victims once again covered in blood and skinned, but still the police have no evidence. Stories of these incidents are widely known and the hospital has since adopted the title of 'haunted'. 45 years later, people living close to the hospital have been complaining of 'screams' and 'loud noises'. Reacting to these claims, police have scanned the area but have found no proof of these complaints, but people are still calling saying that they hear screams and loud noises. spreading all over the news, these claims have attracted the likes of ghosts hunters. Becoming fairly sure that the hospital is haunted, ghost hunters have been watching the site for many days, but nothing, nothing has been found that shows signs of ghosts. One night, a 16 year old boy walks home from his friends house. Walking home he notices a faint light coming from the hospital, knowing that its abandoned and wondering why there is a light coming from it, he heads towards the entrance… This boy. Is you.


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