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This script is copyrighted to iRage.
It may be edited, hosted, renamed, redistributed, etc. as long as credit is given to me.

This script was made from scratch and was being used in my community. Due to lots of reasons I've decided to shut it down and release the script for the sake of it.

My goal while creating this script was to make something similar to Next Generation Gaming's script along with few good features from other servers using my own scripting, no single script line was copied from any other script (Except for Crack Lab objects).

It took me two months to get the script to what it is right now. (23759 lines)

This script is fully created from scratch and is NOT a GF edit
I'm not providing any kind of scripting support for this script

Sources & Credits:
- SA-MP Development Team
- dudb & dutils (DracoBlue)
- foreach (Y_Less)
- sscanf2 (Y_Less)
- Whirlpool (Y_Less)
- zcmd (ZeeX)
- Streamer (Incognito)
- OnPlayerShootPlayer (wups)
- Progress Bar (Flávio Toribio)
- GetVehicleColor (RyDeR`)
- Crack Lab fixes (Next Generation Gaming)
- Maps (Spex & Nerty)
- Script (iRage)
- Whoever I forgot to mention

Factions: SAPD - Government - Hitman Agency - News Agency
Families: 10 Families Slots - Points
Jobs: Mechanic - Lawyer - Trucker - Fisher - Weapons Dealer - Weapons Smuggler - Drugs Dealer - Drugs Smuggler - Bodyguard - Boxer
Fully functioning dynamic houses with 10 different levels and interiors.
Businesses: Fully functioning dynamic businesses (24/7 Market - Clothes Shop - Ammunation - Advertisement Agency - Club - Fast Food).
Vehicles Dealership: Static vehicles dealership at Grotti's.
Doors: Fully functioning dynamic doors.
[b]Mapicons: Fully functioning dynamic mapicons.
Fully functioning dynamic gates using 0.3e objects editor.
Toys: Fully functioning toys using 0.3e objects editor.
Telecom Company: Service owned by government for cellphone usages.
Bank Robbery: Bank Robberies system implemented.
Events: Basic events system that's good enough.
Anti Speed Hacks - Anti Weapon Hacks - Anti Server Advertisement - Anti NOP SetPlayerPos - Anti TP Smuggling - Whirlpool hashing
Admin System: 7 Different levels - Custom ban list (Not samp.ban) - Rangeban - Rangeban whitelist
VIP System: 4 Different levels with different features.

And more, find out yourself.

Note: Don't set your admin level via "Admin=" value, use "BizOwner=1" instead and /makeadmin yourself while IG.

The files you're about to download may NOT include the latest plugins.
You should find your own way to download them from elsewhere.
Downloading the latest SA-MP server package and copying the needed script files/folders there is recommended.

Downloads (Edits | Non-Official Links/Mirrors):

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